Food Menu

See below for a listing of food truck vendors and their menus from Summerfest 2018.

Capelo’s BBQ Briskest Sliders
Pulled Pork Sliders
Veggie Burger Sliders
Side: Creamy Coleslaw
Hula Truck Mini Bayritos – adobo
Twin Peak Slider & Tots
Tofu & Rice
Taqueria Angelica’s Burritos (steak, chicken, pastor, and veggies)
The Waffle Roost 2Legit: Fried chicken & waffle
Senor Sisig Sisig Tacos (2 per person)
Pork / Chicken / Tofu
4″ corn tortilla, onions, lettuce, cilantro-cream sauce
Sisig w/Steamed Rice
Pork / Chicken / Tofu
Topped w/diced onions, diced jalapenos, side of achara
Kabob Trolley Gyro salad: beef/lamb, chicken, falafel
Me So Hungry Too Cali Burger
Flying Hawaiian (Chicken)
2 per order
Wokitchen Dim Sum Platter: Pork & Shrimp Dumplings, Shrimp Dumplings, BBQ Pork Buns, Friend Chicken PotstickersVeg Dim Sum Platter: Kale & Edamame Dumplings, Veg Buns, Veg Fried Spring Rolls, Basil Rangoon, Sesame Balls
333 Mexican Chipotle Chicken Bowl
Korean Spicy Pork Bowl
Korean Mushroom Tofu Bowl (vegan)
Indian Chicken Tikka Masala Bowl

Food tickets

Staff will be given a ticket for one meal from a food vendor of your choice.